Mar 20, 2024

Today, I’m super excited to launch Filters. Filtering your financial data is an underrated yet extremely powerful mechanism for finding the data you are looking for. It helps you narrow down the results and gain a deeper insight into your finances.

With Filters, you can easily answer questions such as, “What’s my total spending on dining out in the last 3 months?” or “Have I been setting aside sufficient funds for emergencies lately?” Whether you’re seeking broad insights or delving into deeper specifics, Filters empowers you to sift through your finances with ease and clarity.

Balance currently supports the following filters:

  • Date: Filter by a start and end date
  • Account: Filter by your bank accounts
  • State: Filter by Pending or Cleared
  • Direction: Filter by Inflow or Outflow
  • Amount: Filter by amount using various operators
  • Payee: Filter by payee names