The Balance Manifesto

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Level up your personal finance.

Net worth, investments, spending all over the place in one place.


See the full picture

All your accounts in one place

Bring all your accounts together to get a complete view of your finances.

  • Securely connect your financial institutions using Plaid.

  • Sync transactions, balances, and account details.

  • See your net worth across all your accounts.

Finances on autopilot

Transaction Sync

Balance imports up to 24 months of transaction history and automatically syncs new transactions.

  • Transactions auto-categorization.

  • Categories, like tags - assign multiple categories to a transaction.

  • Tally transactions quickly by multi-selecting them.

Payments & Transfers Detection

Balance detects liability payments and inter-account transfers automatically.

  • Allows accurate calculation of inflow and outflow amounts.

  • Reduce manual work and false positives in your financial data.

Needle in a haystack

Universal Search

Search engine for your financial data.

  • No more scouring through your bank statements and multiple banks to find what you are looking for.

  • Search by payees, accounts, or categories.


Narrow down results to get to the data that you need.

  • Refine your transactions by date, amount, category, and other fields.

  • Save and create views from filters (coming soon).

Stay in the loop

Category Tracking

Spending too much on subscriptions? Maybe eating out a lot? Track specific categories on your dashboard.

  • Pin categories that you want to keep track of on your dashboard.

  • Compare your spending to the previous month.

Daily Digests

Get a daily rundown of your finances.

  • Email delivered to your inbox, daily!

  • Stay informed on the movement of your money across different financial accounts.

  • Spot inaccuracies, fraudulent charges, or unwanted subscriptions.

Secure by default

Security starts as soon as you sign up for Balance. We ensure strong, unpwned passwords and securely store sensitive data by default.

  • Your data is protected
  • Your data is yours
  • We enforce good authentication regime
  • Audited access to production servers