Vision for Balance

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I’m PD, the creator of Balance — a personal finance software designed to help you better understand your money.

Money is one of the most crucial aspects of our modern life. It drives how we make life decisions. Allows us to enjoy the things we love. Money impacts our overall well-being and gives us a sense of independence.

Moreover, the meaning of money evolves over time. In school, it may represent sustenance. As a young adult, it may be about saving up to buy a home. Later on, it may be associated with starting a family. Or traveling. Or retiring comfortably. The possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, existing financial tools fail to acknowledge this dynamic nature. They present the same financial information without considering individual circumstances. They adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach, showing you the same data on day one and on day n. Additionally, they emphasize the details they deem necessary for you, feigning to have found the “right” way.

To overcome this, you rely on spreadsheets. Manually entering numbers and creating custom macros. You seek to view information that is relevant to you. On the other hand, some individuals neglect to review their finances altogether. Culpable to their past and scared to accept the reality. 

That is why I’m building Balance. A modern yet familiar tool. Tailored for you! Having a personalized view of your finances is powerful. When life changes, you change what you want to see. You are in control.

That’s the vision behind Balance — making personal finance… personal.